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Photo’s and movies of projects on co-creation
with the Co-Creation-Wheel
by Corry Ehlen in 2015, 2016 and 2017



PHD program Uni Simon Bolivar Barranquilla, Colombia - February 2016

Communities of Practice, Research Center 'Education in school', De Nieuwste PABO, Zuyd University, Sittard, The Netherlands, April 2016



National events and projects

Workshop Topvrouwen Limburg 2018

The co-creation community and master-proof Wilmie Jenniskens, March 2018

Velon conference workshop co-creation-wheel 2018

Scan with the Co-Creation-wheel Spiderchart

Masterclass at Master ‘Personal Leadership in Innovation and Change’ (PLIC) April 2017

Workshop Co-Creation-Community with Masterproof of Martin van de Lustgraaf March 2017

Automatic digital scan with the Co-Creation-Wheel,  January 2017

Certificated as co-creation-coach: Sabina Brammer (Be-Motion), Anita van Dormalen (Buro van Dormalen), Mirjam van Zweeden (Krokus-creatie), Martin van de Lustgraaf (N-Factory) 2016-2017

Sabina Brammer

Anita van Dormalen

Mirjam van Zweeden

Martin van de Lustgraaf

Wilmie Jenniskens

Conference ‘Kennis in bedrijf’ ,Knowledge in Business,  Brightlands –Zuyd: workshop for professionals ‘The power of co-creation’ November 2016

Workshop,  Tools with the Co-Creation-Wheel,  November 2016

Folder ‘Successful co-creation’ November 2016

Training lecturers  of ‘De nieuwste Pabo’, Fontys – Zuyd: Learning to work with the co-creation-wheel October 2016

Startconference ZOWL (zorgvragersoverleg westelijke mijnstreek), Sittard, October 2016


Workshop ‘Interventions with the Co-Creation-Wheel’June 2016

Conference and workshop ZORGPACT GELDERLAND “The power of co-creation”, Arnhem, May 2016

National workshop ‘Succesful cocreation with the Co-Creation-Wheel’, Doorn, March 2016

Weblecture and workshops for Communities of Practice, Nieuwste PABO, University Fontys-Zuyd 2015

Workshop for IPMA (International Project Management Association) 2015

Workshop with LIOF-MKB-Zuyd University (government-small business-university) 2015

Workshop for learning networks (Neighbourhood Health Care) 
Zorg in de Wijk, Limburg

Painting of Seminar 2015 made by Martin van de Lustgraaf

National Seminar at University of Amsterdam 'Co-Creation with Social Capital', November 2015

Workshop for innovation managers Schouten-Nelissen-Global, Zaltbommel, 2015


International projects

Workshop Eurasia Forum Ekaterineburg Russia 2018

University in Vietnam – Training in change management  by Anneke Bal of PUM March 2017

Kiev, Ukraine, Conference ‘Imperatives And Innovative Mechanisms Of Decent Work In Conditions Of New Economy ‘
at SHEE «Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University», April 2017 

Dr. Tetiana Shkoda, presenting my video presentation ‘The Co-Creation-Wheel, instrument of mechanisms for empowering innovative collaboration at the workplace’

International Journals with my  articles about co-creation and innovation 2016

Universities and Research Center Economics of  Ekaterinburg  November 2016

Kigali Rwanda, lecture Co-creative Leadership, at meeting headmasters schools December 2016 

Lecture and workshop for student BA, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Barranquilla,Colombia, 2016

3-day PHD-Seminar, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Colombia, 2016

Conference ‘Co-creation university-industry’ Universidad Simon Bolivar, Barranquilla, Colombia, 2016


International Conference ‘Management-leadership-governance’ , St.Petersburg, 2016

Conference EAPRIL, Luxemburg 2015